Vicki Yorke – Chair

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Hi, I’m Vicki Yorke and I live in Farnborough with my husband Matthew and our nearly 3 year old twins, Emily and Ben. I’m currently a stay at home mum but prior to this I was an accountant specialising in financial planning and analysis. I first attended a Bethel playgroup when Emily and Ben were about 3 months old – it was so helpful to meet so many other friendly mums in the same situation. What was also wonderful was someone making me a lovely hot coffee and helping hold a baby if I needed it! Now my twins are a bit older I can be the one providing this help to other new mums. I became Chairperson in January 2017 and prior to that I was the Membership contact for the group for 6 months. I love being a part of our full of fun but dedicated committee!

Georgina Barber – Secretary

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Hi, I’m Georgina Barber and I live in Farnham with my 2 year old non identical twin girls, Emmylou and Chloe and my 2 dogs, Bob and Bertie. I’m currently a stay at home mum but prior to this I worked in sport development with my most recent role as Head of Development for Water skiing and Wakeboarding (yes I have tried wakeboarding and I’m officially rubbish!) . I first attended a Bethel playgroup when I was pregnant and then went back when Emmylou and Chloe were about 13 months old. I loved it and still do. Being able to meet people in the same situation, make new friends, have a cup of tea and listen to each other’s problems and solutions is fantastic, oh and the occasional mummy night out is also a massive benefit. I have really looked forward to taking on this role as secretary as I have massively benefited from the group and really want to continue to support it to ensure others do also.

Diana Wadsworth – Treasurer
Diana is Mummy to 3 year old twins Joshua and Cameron and is a stay at home mum. Prior to this Diana worked in London in an Investment bank where she met her husband Chris and they moved to Farnham in 2011.
” I first attended a Bethel meeting when the boys were 9 months old and have found the twins club very supportive and invaluable in meeting other twin mums who are going through similar experiences, I’ve met some wonderful people and I only wish I ‘d joined sooner!”.

Lucy Morgan – Playgroup Coordinator

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Hi, I’m Lucy Morgan and I live in Aldershot with my husband James and our two year old identical twins Charlotte and Matilda. I first attended the Bethel playgroup when I was heavily pregnant and then started coming regularly once my girls were a few months old. Although it was challenging to get out of the house with two small babies, in the early days, I always found it worth the effort coming to twins club as there was always people who understood what you were going through, someone offering to help you and most importantly make you a much needed hot cup of tea! Now that my two are a bit older, I get to return the favour! I organise the activities for our Bethel playgroup sessions and the Mums’ nights out so if anyone has any ideas of things they’d like us to do then please let me know :o)

Amy Gallagher – Membership Secretary

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Hi, I’m Amy Gallagher and I live in Aldershot with my husband Sean and our children, Finley who is 5 and ours twins Mia and Parker who are 2 years 9 months.
I have just started a new job working at Tamba as a membership Officer and prior to this I worked in a Police call centre.
I first attended a Bethel playgroup when Mia and Parker were about 4 months old and although nervous at first everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it was refreshing to talk to people who were going through the same experiences. We now attend most groups and the twins and I have made some lovely friends.
The group has nearly 70 members and in my role as membership contact I’m looking forward to helping it continue to expand in the future.


Janita Hicks – Press & Social Media Coordinator


Hello, I’m Janita Hicks mum to 4 year old twin boys Reece and Daniel. My husband, the boys and I have lived in Fleet for 2 years now. I work part time as a Bid Manager and also have my own business too. We have been members of the FTTG since I found out I was having twins and love the support, friendliness and no-judgement attitude; everyone is in the same boat and understands the joys of having twins! It really is a lovely group and we particular love all social events that we can enjoy as a family. Now the boys are a little older I’m excited to be part of the committee for FTTG and give back to both the group and new mums.

If you are interested in contributing to the running of the club please contact us.



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